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Here’s how it works

Valley Art Share members join a mutual aid grant cycle and give small monthly donations that contribute to a collective fund.  Members of a grant cycle are invited to submit project proposals that are reviewed and selected by other members.  Micro-grants from the collective fund are redistributed back to Valley Art Share members every three months based on this transparent proposal and selection process.  The size of the grants are dependant on the number of VAS members that contribute to the collective fund.

Every few months everyone who has contributed to the collective fund will vote on which project will receive the money we've collectively saved.  You can invite other people to join Valley Art Share and give to the fund to increase our collective savings.   This in an awesome (and easy!) way amass a sizable chunk of money and support each other in making really great things.

In this system everyone is welcome and we all get to decide who gets the cash.

  • If just half of us give $3/month starting now, by September we’ll have more than $4,000 to support each others’ projects in the first round.
  • If half of us each gave $5/month starting now that would mean we will have collectively saved $6,750 by the end of September!


We can make a lot together.  This is investing in each other.


1. Become a Member of a Micro Grant Cycle

2. Propose a Project or take a gander at other proposals

3. Review

  • Check out the project proposals submitted on the current grant cycle.
  • Read through the project descriptions and click through to profiles of members who have submitted the proposals to learn more about their past work
  • If you have questions about any of the proposals post to the comment section at the bottom of the proposal*
  • Think about what kinds of work you’d like to see happen, what is important to you? what do you want to support?  What is exciting, new or interesting?  Consider supporting work by folks who you may not know, in places you’ve never been.  

*Project proposals are public, this means that anyone can see submissions by Valley Art Share members regardless of whether or not they have joined the site or grant cycle.  In order to post a comment or participate in the grant cycle you do need to be a member of Valley Art Share and join the grant cycle.


4. Select

Deadlines for proposal selection will be posted to the Collect Fund Page.


5. Grantees announced

Grant recipients will be announced and funds released shortly after each round,  Check the Collect Fund Page for updates.


6. Repeat

A new 6-month grant cycle will open after the previous is complete.





Micro Grant Drawings by Chelsea Granger.


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